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Serta Arrington Mattress Product Reviews

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Serta Arrington Mattress

Brand: Serta
Rating: (2.00)
Reviews: 3

Serta Arrington Mattress (Report Review)
Sep 13, 2011 by lahiri22
Consumer rating: (2)
The Serta Arrington Mattress is not the best mattress in the world. That said, however, the Serta Arrington Mattress is also not the worst mattress in the world (that distinction must go to the Leader Inc Dream Sleep mattress, which is, by far, the worst mattress I have ever had the misfortune of sleeping on). The Serta Arrington Mattress is probably one of those mattresses that would be good for college for the following reasons -- in some of the smaller sizes, such as full or twin, the Serta Arrington Mattress is relatively inexpensive and would probably manage to fit into the student budget. The Serta Arrington Mattress gets the job done -- in other words, you will get a decent night\'s sleep out of the Serta Arrington Mattress. However, if you are on the market for a keeper, the Serta Arrington Mattress is not it. I would recommend a higher quality mattress from more well-established brands such as Tempur-Pedic or Simmons. The Serta Arrington Mattress works in a pinch for the budget conscious.
Horrible (Report Review)
Sep 10, 2011 by golfcartdriver
Consumer rating: (1)
I may just be used to high quality mattresses, but i

just HATE this mattress, it is horribly made, i had

to use it when way back when i didn't have the

money to pay for the rent of any good hotel, other

than a motel, and i just HATED IT, first of all, there

was a LOT of use on it, it was completely ripped,

it was just ABUSED, and when i tried sleeping on

it, one of the SPRINGS, yes i said right, and you

read right, ONE OF THE SPRINGS came out, and

poked me right in the place where you don't want

to be poked, and that was probably one of the

WORST motels i have EVER stayed it, and i don't

recommend this mattress to anyone, i mean the

quality MIGHT improve enough for me to give it

TWO stars if i had it at home, and didn't have to

use an ABUSED one, but that will probably be

the HIGHEST score i will give it. Stay away from

this mattress at all costs, i recommend Sealy, or

some other good trusted brand, but NOT this one, i

hate it and never will like it. Thank you.
Affordable and Comfortable (Report Review)
Sep 10, 2011 by briidope
Consumer rating: (3)
I bought this mattress about a year ago and I kinda like it. It is somewhat comfortable and seems to draw me in closer whenever I'm very tired. Although I do toss and turn sometimes, I just think that is because I'm a very restless sleeper.
The Serta Arrington Mattress is very cushiony and I can't feel any springs poking at my back at all. It is a very good price, around 199.99 dollars at most stores. The salesman said that this mattress help to keep families safe by exceeding federal and state flammability standards. It's not exactly the best matress ever, and it does not feel like i'm floating on air. It's bouncy, and kind of noisy when I climb into it.
The Serta Arrington Mattress also got very dingy even though I've only had it for about a year. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this to a family member or friend because it's noisy, bouncy, and not very light. I would say to find a better mattress for just a little bit more. Overall, if you are looking for a mattress that will last you a longtime, the Serta Arrington Mattress is not your product.
Pros:  Cheap
Cons:  not long lasting
gets dirty

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